גיבוש תוכנית עסקית למוצר קנאביס

Hazy Future of Cannabis

The cannabis industry became a major center of attention over the past several years. In the wake of the legalization of cannabis products in Canada,

קודם אב טיפוס ואחר כך הכסף

First a Prototype, Then the Money

In the early stages of startup development there really is not much to show investors; but investors still want to see if the team has

כיצד להתנהל מול משקיע

How to deal with an investor

Getting a meeting with an investor is not an easy task, but it’s the easiest part in the whole fund raising process.  So you’ve managed to set

על השאלות שמשקיעים שואלים יזמים

Questions asked by investors

An entrepreneur who wishes to present its venture to an investor must prepare for any question an investor might ask him and provide precise and

הסכנות בהון סיכון

The Dangers of Venture Capital

When a startup is facing the constraints of limited capital, many entrepreneurs consider venture capital funds (VCs) as a potential solution. Armed with a vision,

יש לי רעיון לסטארט אפ מה הלאה?

I have an idea, what next?

People always think about how to innovate and improve their lives with new inventions. A person wakes up in the morning with an idea in

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Start-Up Investment

Raising capital for a startup is an issue that every entrepreneur faces during their journey to the top. The average entrepreneur takes about 40 meetings

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Fundraising for a start-up

Capital fundraising is a necessary milestone to accomplish the company’s vision and goals. The entrepreneur’s job is to ensure that the company has the necessary