Business Plan

A business plan for performance improvement

Targo is an ideal partner for companies seeking to achieve their full potential. Targo’s business performance improvement program enables our customers to achieve leadership in their core businesses, leverage core strengths to take advantage of market opportunities, and operate at the highest level of performance in their industry.

A business plan for improving performances begins with understanding four critical variables throughout our diagnostic phase: cost structure, positioning, analysis and insights at the customer level and business process structure

Rapid diagnosis of the costs structure includes the ability to identify opportunities that can be quickly implemented to reduce costs and improve cash flow. Our consultants know how to properly adjust business resources. A quick cost-cutting diagnosis is a tool that relies on Targo’s expertise for results within one fiscal year.

Rapid analysis and collaborative approach to identify opportunities that can be quickly implemented to improve the final result.

Business Process Redesign (BPR) examines the effectiveness of the company key processes. The goal of the process is to maximize the company’s ability to provide service at the highest level, in the most efficient manner, and at the most competitive price.

Typically, our business plans produce cost savings of up to 30 percent, but its real advantage is improving service quality and customer satisfaction.

Positioning the company optimally in the market, is one of the main objectives of a business plan for performance improvement. In this process we focus on the points of differentiation that describe how your product or brand benefits customers in different ways from your competitors and the sector or category in which the company competes.

We help companies to understand customer needs and behavior through our methodology in order to develop a correct approach based on our insights. We help companies to define their target audience in a segment where they have a clear advantage over competitors to improve business decisions and resource allocation.