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One Pager for Investor

The first thing the professional investor wants to see (and looks forward to) when evaluating a possible investment is an executive summary of the project.

This is sometimes also called:

  • Executive Summary
  • Investor one-pager
  • Investor executive summary

Unlike standard executive summaries that appear at the beginning of your business plan, this document is different as it serves a completely different purpose. The purpose is primarily to convince investors to ask for more information, and to convince them that your venture is worth pursuing. Creating an executive summary is a matter of craftsmanship and experience combined with the knowledge of the investor’s goals and thought process. This is an excellent opportunity for you to create a great first impression, and we will be happy to help you.

Venture capital funds and professional investors get dozens of calls and Emails every week with “investment opportunities”. They are very busy investing in many different companies and typically only need five minutes to determine their stance on whether to invest or not. The executive summary is a summary of the business plan and marketing proposal packaged in a contextually and visually appealing way. After reading the executive summary, the investor should receive positive answers to the following questions:

  • Is there a real problem in the market and is the market big enough?
  • Is there a need and do you have the solution?
  • Do you have a competitive advantage?
  • Is the project going to make money?
  • Will the team be able to carry out the plan?

A good executive summary is your way of attracting the attention of investors, and when completed properly, it can bring a lot of financing to your startup. Your executive summary should look like this: Example Executive Summary and investors, and should include the following points

The Following is a possible structure of an executive summary

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