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Bank Financing

Any business or company that is looking to smoothly run the operations and reduce the daily stress over cash flow has to have a credit line (indebtedness) that is appropriate to the scope of its activity. Diagnosing the business’ financial needs and raising the required bank or non-bank credit is our specialty. By properly constructing the bank indebtedness of the business, the business can grow and achieve profits already in the short term. Our experts will assist you in raising the required funds through a variety of banks we work with. We will adapt the structure of the indebtedness (loans, bank credit line, credit cards line of credit, bridge loans, etc.) to the needs of the business. We can raise from NIS 80,000 up to NIS 8,000,000.

What is important to the bank

In the decision-making process regarding the provision of credit to a business or an entrepreneur, the bank examines the scope of the existing financial commitments. In an existing business, the bank will examine the revenue to net income ratio against the existing indebtedness (with the addition of the requested credit) and will evaluate the repayment capability. For startups, the bank will examine the level of existing liabilities, as well as the expected income from the venture.

Bank history has a considerable importance when asking on raising credit. Lack of foreclosures and bad checks are critical conditions for determining the feasibility of receiving credit. In exceptional cases, you can obtain credit with a small number of bad checks. Good banking behavior is the key for raising credit.

Bank credit raising process is based on risk management polices implemented in the same way in most bank. You can simply say that when banks examine the possibility to provide credit, they estimate the chances that the loan will not be repaid. Collaterals and guarantees minimize the risk and increase the success likelihood and credit conditions.

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