Targo conducts Meet-Up seminars and provides entrepreneurs & startups with useful information &  unique perspectives to assist them as they seek investment, penetrate markets and accelerate their growth process. These meetings focus on the issues that are important in the early stages of the startup lifecycle, such as building a business plan, assembling a team, penetrating a market and acquiring a go-to-market investment.


Recent Meetups

The vast majority of Israeli startups are usually in the fields where the main focus of the product or service is directed toward B2B businesses.

Many startups across industries such as, cyber, medical, & software, etc. have been sold for millions, if not billions of dollars to larger corporations. However, companies with consumer-facing products have been far from successful in terms of volume and scope, with the exception of individual cases such as WAZE, WIX, Fiverr, etc.

Why then, do Israeli start-ups developing B2C products find it more difficult, relative to their entrepreneurial counterparts approaching the business to business market. Does the failure lie in the adaptation of the product to the market? Or does the failure lie with the venture’s business plan? There are thousands of successful B2C companies like Facebook, Tinder, UBER and AirBNB; and while it is true that the US market is larger and the volume of B2C ventures is higher, it does not detract from the series of mistakes that Israeli entrepreneurs may make on the way to cracking the market.

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business plan

How can you convince your investors that your venture has a future? What do you need to do to receive a positive response from them?

How do you demonstrate that you know the market and that your technological partner is an expert in the field? In order to raise a seed investment, entrepreneurs need to present a business plan whereby investors can assess their economic viability and the product’s prospects for a high ROI.

In order to reach an attractive investment position, the entrepreneur and the startup need to take some important steps…

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Preparation for a meeting with an investor

You have one opportunity with an investor. Knowing what kind information to display, and how to display it is key to raising funds. An investor will ask many difficult questions and will expect to get clear answers to them. There is no doubt that every successful sale depends on an outstanding presentation of the “goods”. Therefore, a startup’s success often depends on its pitch – by means of presenting the project to an investor, potential buyer or strategic partner.

A well-built business presentation (pitch deck) will maximize your chances of raising investment for the venture.

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After understanding the importance of a business plan, the main question that remains is, how can one properly build one? In this MeetUp, we will describe the steps of writing a business plan when adjustments are required based on your venture’s field of operation.

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בדיקת היתכנות לסטארט אפ בתחום היהלומים

The start-up valuation in the early stages do not show the true value of the company, but show how much the investor will receive from the company in return for their investment. Valuation is of course subjective in part, but with reasonable work assumptions that the developer knows how to validate and explain, it becomes a significant starting point in negotiating the agreed value.

There are several ways to perform a startup valuation. The main ways are the multiplier method and DCF’s future discounting cash flow method. The DCF method assumes that the value of the company is calculated on the basis of the company’s future cash flow. To assess the future revenue of the company, the entrepreneur should do their homework: do their market research, build a business plan and construct a financial model.

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