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Business Consulting

No matter if you are an entrepreneur with an idea or a company that wants to market its product, together we will take your startup to the next level. Targo provides a complete solution for entrepreneurs at the concept stage or at more advanced stages aimed at bringing the venture to the development stage, raising funds and introducing the product to the market. Startup consulting services consists of several structured processes to help you turn your idea into a commercial company.

Feasibility Test

The first step in the early stage consultation process is a feasibility test. The feasibility test includes professional study of the target market and its competitors / solutions, as we examine three main points:

Who are the competitors and what is the benefit of your product?

What is the TAM-Total Addressable Market?

What is the Economic Unit and is it Positive (Unit Economics)?

Together we can together understand the attractiveness of the product / service for the investor and whether the competitive advantage of your product is substantial enough for the consumer to leave the competitor for the benefit of your product / service.

Building a Business Plan

The next step in our startup consulting process is building a business plan. We will define how we implement the product and how we bring the product to market. As part of building the business plan, we will address the following:

· MVP – The basic product we want to develop in the first phase

· What is the target market for the product and who are the initial customers for the product / service

· Revenue Model – How the Company Makes Money

· Go To Market Program

· The company’s exit strategy

· The budget the company needs to raise, while milestones will be achieved through this budget

· Estimate and forecast start-up revenue and expenses for the next four years

Additional fundraising materials

One Pager

After formulating a business plan, the next step in your startup consulting process is building the One Pager. The One Pager is a brief document that constitutes as the “CV” of the venture. The purpose of the One Pager first and foremost is to convince investors to ask for more information, and to convince them that your startup is worth a look.

Pitch Deck / Investor Presentation

In meeting with the investor, it is customary to present the venture through a presentation to investors. Our team will build an optimal investor presentation for you to maximize your chances of raising the required investment.

The Team Building Process

Once we’ve built a professional business plan, it’s time to put the team together. This is the most important step, as investors are looking at the venture team as they are reviewing your business plan. Team building is done according to the stage of the venture. If you are in the conceptual stage, then the most important thing is to recruit a CTO, a developer and a UX / UI professional. If you have gone through the development phase and are in the process of launching the product, then the right thing is to recruit a CMO.

Product Development and Start-Up Investment

Fundraising is a long process and should take several months. The team can also start the development process part-time and on weekends.

Investing in a team that works is much more attractive than investing in an idea. Even if the team works a few hours a week and is in the initial stages of development, as far as the investor is concerned people are already learning to work together and are likely to overcome the difficulties later on.