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Crowdfunding describes the cooperation, attention and collective trust of people who share their money and other resources to support efforts initiated by individuals or organizations. The goal of crowdfunding is to endorse and finance start-ups or small businesses and to create free software.

One of the challenges of using Crowdfunding Websites is the lack of protection of intellectual property. Once an idea is published, it has the potential to be copied by others.

Crowdfunding advocates argue that these platforms allow good ideas that have difficulty raising funds through traditional investors to break out and acquire funding by using crowd wisdom. If an entrepreneur succeeds in drawing attention to his product or service through this initial form, he not only ensures seed stage funding, but presents evidence of support from potential customers and benefits from the “word-of-mouth” buzz it creates.

Preparation of the Campaign

A clear definition helps characterize the project. Is the campaign directed to impact emotions and those it seeks to support / help an important cause? Or is it objective and offers to invest in something that will pay off personally?

Tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and an email distribution list are essential to the success of the campaign. If you do not have the minimal ability to get to a certain amount of people immediately your chances of success are very small.

A recruitment movie length must be relatively short, with a maximum length of two minutes. A long film can decrease the number of viewers and potential “backers”.

Prominent Websites